These guys haven’t had it bad supporting some of the UK’s finest musicians Miles Kane and Jake Bugg earlier this year. But this trio have their own stuff to offer, three brothers from Bath, hanging out playing rock. It is as simple as that, but their sound is something to get excited about. When you first hear the riff from ‘Pushing It’ released a few months ago, you can feel the energy and originality that is quite hard to discover these days, with so many bands around.

The Family Rain have embarked on their own tour in the UK and its Manchester’s turn to see them bring The Ruby Lounge alive.

I manage to catch a glimpse of Darlia on prior to the lads. They remind me of high school days listening to punk, with an influence of Nirvana. I really enjoy the set, particularly ‘Napalm’.

I love the energy when The Family Rain arrives on stage, everyone’s excited and I like the diversity of the turn out tonight, there is a mix of ages which is nice to see. They play their debut single ‘Carnival’, a great opener. It’s impossible to watch these guys stand still, the music gets you involved. It’s such a positive beat.

They play a couple of tracks from their upcoming album, which get a great reaction. Timothy (drums) gets the crowd involved at the beginning of the track. There’s almost a mini festival vibe taking place at The Ruby Lounge tonight. Everyone is in high spirits, feeling the music, getting involved and the band is just beyond expectations, well mine anyway. Most of the tracks are fast, and upbeat, and even when they play a slower song such as ‘Friction’ we still get as much glorification from the guitars.

William (lead vocals, bass guitar) and Ollie (backing vocals, lead guitar) alternately keep edging their way to the crowd with their guitar, and the fans are going crazy.

 They play ‘Reason To Die’ and the instrumental is insane. It’s such an intense night for music, I feel like we’ve watched a fresh rock band that is going to be big. I would not be surprised if next time they came to Manchester it would be in a massive venue for twice the price. I feel quite lucky to have caught them in the intimate setting of The Ruby lounge.

After the band depart the stage they come out to greet the fans, and have photos with everyone, signing merchandise etc. I manage to speak to William. He tells me how “Manchester never disappoints,” and how “there are real music fans here.” I ask how it is leading their own tour after supporting for most of the year and he says that “It proves hard work pays off and if people like what they hear then they will come back.”

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Parisa Esalat

I'm a northern bird that appreciates all the lovely sounds this city has to offer. What I love about gigs, is that not only the music but the venue and atmosphere can create such a vibe that it takes you somewhere else.