Ezra Furman


Ezra Furman played the Albert Hall on 12th November and I can confirm myself that it was an excellent show that was well worth watching. The American frontman helped to play a bunch of recognisable songs from his numerous albums over the last few years.

The disabled facilities must be praised at the venue. As the Albert Hall is an extremely old building, the staff either have to manually carry people up and down the stairs or use a stair climber. Although neither way is subtle, there isn’t really much that is subtle about a wheelchair. When performing this task however, they use the back staircase, which is quieter and more private than the front. The disabled area itself has some of the best views of the stage and nothing seemed too much trouble. They also have a drinks runner and a private disabled toilet too, which is really good. It makes you feel like a VIP along with the added bonus of taking the worry out of having to ask a member of staff to get you one and you won’t miss any of the gig from struggling to get a drink yourself.

Performing hits such as ‘Suck the Blood from my Wound’, ‘Love You so Bad’ and ‘Thermometer’ and wearing a jumpsuit outfit, Ezra and the rest of the band entertained the crowd for just over an hour – playing over 20 songs. Ezra even stayed behind afterwards in the standing area to greet fans, which is something that he was not obliged to do but he did it anyway and it was really good. As soon as the band left the stage, they took the atmosphere of the gig with them. The show is something that belongs to the band and it is something that they only bring out when they want to, like at a show for example.

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