Sines & Squares Festival 2016

Sines & Squares Festival 2016

After the hugely successful first Sines & Squares in 2014, the festival is returning to again celebrate the resurgence of analogue and modular synthesisers. UK and international performers, composers, lecturers and designers will all come together from 18th-20th November in locations across Manchester for one of the world’s biggest synthesiser festival/symposiums.

Live music will include concerts and club nights at Islington Mill, the Northern Quarter’s Texture, and The University of Manchester’s Martin Harris Centre. Concerts will include live performances from electronic musicians Chris David (a.k.a. OSC1899) & Willemijn Ketting, Phil Durrant, Ann Rosén & Sten-Olof Hellström, Philippe-Aubert Gauthier & Tanya St-Pierre and fixed media work by composer pioneer Francis Dhomont.

Also taking place will be papers and presentations focused on modular synthesis (Patchbay Sessions), a synthesiser workshop from Rebel Technology, and a range of presentations and demonstrations, including SchneidersLaden discussing the origins of the Eurorack. Tickets will also be on sale for a raffle – attendees will have the chance to win systems and art work donated by sponsors and participants, including prizes from Moog, Thonk, Analogue Solutions, Expert Sleepers, Bugrand, Befaco, Todd Barton, CUSP Editions, Lamond Design and many more.

One of the festival’s organisers, modular synthesiser composer and improviser Richard Scott, said: “Our aim during this weekend-long event is to offer a chance to present, to learn and to discuss what these technologies are, what they represent and how we use them. With this aim in mind, we feel it is important to present artists, users, instrument designers, composers and researchers on an equal footing, and provide a relatively informal opportunity for an exchange of concepts and perspectives. Sines & Squares focuses not only on the machines, but on the people using them, the new methods and technologies they devise, and the musical expressions they enable.”

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