Devonshire’s Metronomy have released a whopping six albums. One steady string running throughout is their eccentric, envelope-pushing electric pop. What has changed however is their relationship with music. Their latest release, Metronomy Forever, has hints of the previous decades, the colossal 17 tracker adding whole song instrumentals for good measure. Metronomy’s recent blurring of identity however results tonight in a light-hearted and meandering performance, one that is perhaps confused – and fails to pack any real punch.

The furiously fun and flirty ‘Sex Emoji’ shows the band still has the gift of bringing dance stomping floor fillers, giving a welcoming nod to the perhaps rather laughable state of affairs that social media has impacted on our relationships – one story perhaps many of us are reluctant to admit we are oh so familiar with.

‘Salted Caramel Ice Cream’, however, isn’t as sultry and sophisticated as the name suggests, but more the tepid aftermath after a long, hot summer’s day. Although the simple 12 bar blues does break free from the copyright fight with other artists, it becomes repetitive and predictable, rather than the notoriously cool, slick Metronomy we all love and know.

As the set progresses, the adjective comfortable can only be described as the antithesis when listening to Metronomy’s latest album release, as the instrumental song interludes featuring scratchy synth pads crash against the lacking and possibly blameworthy speaker quality. The synths here are not used with a purpose, but more looked like they were testing out their newest toys.

The pogo dancing of Olugbenga Adelekan is heart-warmingly reminiscent to any coming of age dance, in alarmingly stark contrast to fellow bandmate Michael Lovett, whose drops still are effortlessly funk. Clashing the disjointed dance routines against an ask to the crowd to make duck noises results in the audience being stilted. A few nervous and confused giggles were in fact the only noises made.

Still, nearly nine years later, we are thankful for Metronomy’s 2011 album The English Riviera. Throughout their set tonight, it is the firm favourite time capsule that all the audience are looking to escape to, both location-wise and lyrically. Hits ‘The Bay’ and ‘The Look’ are punctuated with catchy, upbeat melodies, and ‘Love Underlined’ still remains a standout song whose twisted rhythms build up anticipation up into a floor to floor chorus. Metronomy, or perhaps The English Riviera more specifically, still hones the punch which is amiss among the more recent material.

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