Swedish group Last Lynx have shared a track from their new EP Rifts.

The new single None of My Friends as well as the six track EP are both now available through Universal Sweden’s imprint SoFo Records.

The EP follows hot on the heels of previous tracks Lacuna and Curtains, which are featured, as well as four new tracks.

Camilla Dahlstedt, vocals and synths, said: “None Of My Friends is when you want to be with someone so bad you fantasize about living a corny romantic comedy when actually the other person hardly know you exist.”

Fredric Lindblom, drums and vocals, added: “All the songs that ended up on the EP were written in a short period of time that gave them a certain sense of connection and theme.

“It wasn’t something we discussed or decided on but I guess that the song writing just coincided with a period in our lives when we were going through very similar emotions and were looping the same thoughts.”

The five-piece group originally grabbed the attention of the online music world when their first track, Killing Switch, went to number one on The Hype Machine.

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