Beabadoobee Fake It FlowersRising star often gets thrown around a lot, but in the case of Beabadoobee, that title is more than well deserved. Bea Kristi is a 20-year-old singer-songwriter from London who has blown up the internet with viral hit “Coffee,” along with a series of successful EPs and a sample of her vocals being used on TikTok hit “Death Bed (Coffee For My Head)”, which is huge if you know what TikTok is (side note: I’m 22 and barely have a clue).

‘Fake It Flowers’ is the debut album from Bea that channels all the best parts of 90s alt-rock, grunge and shoegaze but infused with pop-like hooks. It also is a very personal effort from the artist, taking in difficult topics and facing issues that Bea has faced throughout her life. Opener “Care” kicks off the album with a bang, bringing with it a hooky chorus and roaring guitars that seem destined to be played in arenas everywhere. This is followed by “Worth It” and “Dye It Red”, the former is similar to the Care but with a bit more grit and the latter is a powerful anthem for women everywhere, which deals with the topic of an abusive relationship a friend of hers experienced.

Other songs like “Back to Mars” and “How Was Your Day” go back to Beas’ bedroom pop roots, with low-fi instrumentals and slightly distorted vocals, and give the album a slice of variety away from the alt-rock bangers. Speaking of alt-rock bangers “Together” delivers a powerful piece of rock that lifts the album further, “Sorry” feels like a big gut-punch of emotion with grungy guitars and staggering emotional heft, especially with lyrics like “And it hurts me, That you could be the one that deserves this even more, But you stayed in the same dark place, that I adore, But, you stayed for more.”

It’s not all high points, unfortunately, with track Horen Sarrison (an ode to her boyfriend) which feels slightly overlong and too much akin to “Further Away”, although with some inventive lyricism it scrapes by. Final track “Yoshimi, Forest, Magdalene” is a fun track with echoey vocals and shoegaze aesthetic until the guitars let loose and it turns into something else entirely, and hits you with the power of a force nine gale.

Bea feels beyond her years with a depth of songwriting that hits home, and most artists would dream to have in their career. The direction of the album is something to admire as well, pulling from the sounds of 90s alt-rock and early 00s artists makes for an interesting cocktail of influences. A dash of alt-rock here, some pop choruses there, with a smidgen of shoegaze and a hint of grunge topped off with singer-songwriter lyrics that hit the listener right in the feels and delivers something of substance.

If you’re looking for a new singer-songwriter to get invested in, then look no further.

Beabadoobee: Fake It Flowers – Out Now (Dirty Hit Records)