everything-everything-171012– THE RITZ, MANCHESTER –

It’s a rarity within the contemporary music scene that one can actually escape the world of fashion bands and “rich kid” gigs and actually have the chance to see a band that are genuinely engaging and passionate.

Everything Everything are the band to watch when it comes to live music. The eclectic audience revel in the catchy tunes and the atmosphere is soaped in a communal respect and love for a talented band.

We arrive to the sounds of the opening act Outfit, a Liverpool based band who have a full year ahead, touring with Dutch Uncles. Unfortunately, as has become the norm, the early start time resulted in a smaller audience turnout. My advice would be to check social media sites before arriving to a Ritz gig, keeping in mind the venue has a strict 10pm closing time as it transforms into a nightclub in the later stages of the night.

Up next; Dutch Uncles. This is a band I’ve heard so much about but have not had the chance to see live. Fortunately, my high expectations are met as they make an impressive start to their set. Instantly  I notice the parallels in sound between Dutch Uncles and Everything Everything, with the lead singer  additionally having an Editors feel to him. Dutch Uncles are a dream to watch and I hope to see them again in the very near future.

The crowd fluctuates as we wait for the commencement of the headlining band Everything Everything, and the Ritz transforms into a buzzing venue. Realising this is the time to act to get that all essential perfect view, my friend and I begin the shove to the front. Admittedly this is primarily instigated due to my friend’s unwavering crush on the bassist Jeremy Pritchard.

The band saunter onstage, not in their trademark jumpsuits, I’m a little disheartened as I’m quite partial to their jumpsuits.

‘Undrowned’ fills the venue and the crowd goes into a frenzy. Everything Everything, a Manchester based band, appear happily overwhelmed by the support received from their hometown, selling out The Ritz and adding a second (sold out) date.  Jonathan Higgs, the lead singer, thanks the crowd and shares stories about the Mancunian places that serve as the backdrop for the songs.

 I’ll let you in on a secret, I have had the pleasure of seeing Everything Everything a massive six times before tonight and even I do not compare to the super fans in the audience. I can’t sing along to the songs as well as the guy next to me who even received an approving nod from guitarist Alex Robertshaw.

The stand out song for me is ‘Suffragette Suffragette.’ This song surprises me every time I hear it, it’s nothing like their other material. Truly transforming this indie band into a rock ’n roll band.

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