The Island Club

The Island Club

Energetic, floor-filler, upbeat and catchy are just some of the words appropriate for The Island Club’s latest offering. ‘Let Go’ has already been released across various platforms.

Although many sounds can be heard in the single, the band centres in the synth pop/indie world although some rock influence is prevalent in their music. The track has something for music lovers of all backgrounds; funky guitars, brilliantly crafted choruses, a killer solo, harmonies, synth hooks and many more. It is wonderful to listen to and the melody will stay with you for days if you can resist the urge to listen just one more time.

Made up of five twenty-somethings, The Island Club hail from Brighton. I was first made aware of their music at a gig at The Finsbury Pub in London. After seeing them live for the first time I can report that their performances will not disappoint after the quality of their recorded output. It will certainly not be the last time I make the trip to see them progress through the industry.

The band’s sound is characterised in the synth chords, vocal hooks and unique vocal timbre. These are the backbone on which ‘Let Go’ sits, although the almost funk-driven guitar lines and drum backing cannot be ignored. The track beautifully expands into each chorus. Huge washy synth chords flood the stereo field along with the ‘is there anymore that you want me to say?’ repetitions. The track then explodes into the main hook in the title lyric, undoubtedly the highlight of the song. Immediately followed by backing vocals descending through ‘oooo’s, this is the part which sticks with you. The chorus is irresistibly catchy and radio-friendly. With such a finesse in musical craft, the band could and should be moving up the ranks in the pop world. It is something not unique to this track. The band’s output thus far demonstrates a strength in depth (listen to ‘Paper Kiss’ and ‘Sober’, each as well written as the last) and variation in writing, though the band’s musical essence is present throughout.

The Island Club are another exciting young band on the scene. Irresistible, party-friendly synth pop, rock and indie formulate the sound. ‘Let Go’ is sure to fill any music venue and dance floor across the country. I have been impressed with their live performance and am greatly looking forward to hearing any future music to come from the five-piece.

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Will Lawton

I am a third year music student at the University of Leeds and am passionate about experiencing music. In my view, being able to hear, see and appreciate the human involvement in playing an instrument or singing is the most important thing.