Brighton three-piece Tigercub’s single Centerfold will be the first release from Jazz Life, the record label set up by Blood Red Shoes.

The single will be released on December 1, and is only available on 7″.

Tigercub recently toured with fellow Brighton band Royal Blood, and were billed as Radio 1’s ‘Next Hype’ act by Zane Lowe.

Blood Red Shoes drummer Steven Ansell said setting up the label realised a long held ambition.

He said; “We’ve always talked about the idea of having our own label, and after 10 years we now have the time and the resources to do it properly.

“For us it’s not just about releasing our own records but also supporting new and emerging artists that we like, regardless of genre, hopefully bringing them to the public’s attention and fostering a much-needed sense of community amongst artists in what can be a very competitive universe.

“We’ll be releasing 7” singles to start with but we’re not only focused on records, which is why we’ve called it Jazz Life and not Jazz Life “records.

“The first band we’ve signed is Tigercub from Brighton, but after that we’re just gonna make it up as we go along and improvise.”