Ryan Vail returns with his brand new single, ‘Shadows’, a blissfully nuanced track with delicate synth, and an even softer vocal delivery. His songwriting retains the ambience of his previous releases, though distinct flourishes create a new dance-ability not quite as evident before. Ryan explains some of the deeper meaning behind it:

The song deals with my initial personal struggle to become a full-time artist. While I was before in a job that was comfortable, music haunted me at every turn. I’d kept my passion subdued as I was led to believe that its currently impossible to survive as a full-time musician nowadays. The lyrics refer to music as a person. “My love cuts like a knife” refers to the fact that it hurt not to be able to follow my love for music. “Your heart, it holds my life “is the job I couldn’t escape from. As the track progresses I talk of things like “All my life I’ve weighed lies”, the doubts that I had about becoming a full- time musician and surviving. The track ends with me accepting I need to change my life, as my “heart don’t feel so good”.

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