Australian solo outfit Fractures has released a new video for ‘It’s Alright’, the latest track to be taken from the acclaimed new EP Fractures (out now). The new video is a collaboration between Fractures & Australian filmmaker Matthew Chuang and tracks the languorous, multi-tracked vocals of ‘It’s Alright’ to an exploration of the ‘Ghost Town’ of Pripyat, near Chernobyl, abandoned ever since 1986.

Tracing a fictional former inhabitant’s movements through empty homes and schools deserted during the emergency evacuation, the man’s attempts to revive memories of lost lives mirror Fractures’ bruised electronica to emotive effect. Speaking about the collaboration, Chuang comments “’It’s Alright’ captures the feeling we experienced when we were at Pripyat, the isolation and the sparseness. This man returns to a place he once called home- nature & decay have taken over but the memories are so strong. Conceptually it feels right, this man telling himself ‘it’s alright, it’s alright…’”.

 The much-delayed release of Fractures came after a serious accident in late 2013 put a permanent question mark over the future of Zito’s musical career. In possibly the cruellest case of life imitating art, just days before his live debut in Australia, the producer and multi-instrumentalist suffered a near-fatal fall, leaving him with a fractured neck & confined to an orthotic halo for a recovery period of 3 months.  Incredibly, Zito persevered to remain productive & creative whilst essentially immobile, and happily, a complete recovery from his injuries is now signalled in this upcoming run of live shows, which see Zito (replete with 5 piece band) lifting the new EP up & out of the studio, translating his crisp productions with the luxurious depth and resonance so evident across Fractures.

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