Fruit Bomb

Fruit Bomb

Last night, Fruit Bomb, Fallowfield’s very own Garage Pop band, were picked by The Skinny to play alongside Menace Beach, Weirds and False Advertising. This is just part of the recent acclaim the band has started to receive – they have just streamed their first single ‘Goin Home’ on the NME. This hype might well see them escape the walls of their beloved Fallow Cafe, where they spend most of their time, even if you’d have to drag them out.

Read our Q and A with this hotly-tipped Manchester band below (it’s worth it, even if it’s just to find out about their part time jobs are – they include ice cream and drug paraphernalia):

You’ve just released your first single ‘Goin Home’, how did you feel on the release day?

The release day was a bit weird, we were relieved to finally have it out. The track had already been streaming online for a few weeks, that was really cool. On the build up to the release day it was more ourselves and Delicious Clam working together so that the A4 screen prints were all ready to be sent out.

How have you found the reaction?

Great. Sam’s mum really loves that song.

How would you describe it to someone who has never heard it?

It’s a 3 minute garage pop song with an extremely repetitive chorus.

Where does your name come from?

Ben came up with it. He use to throw around the term ‘fruity’ to describe things so i guess it comes from that!

When did you first get approached by your label and how did it feel?

We’ve worked with a couple of small DIY labels, Art is Hard and Delicious Clam. For the single, Delicious Clam released that and DC is a collectively run label which we are a part of. So by practicing, recording and releasing through DC we are helping promote our own label and also doing it without the extra stress of having to find a label that likes us!

You’ve just finished recorded your next single, can you give us any info on it?

We’re really chuffed with the songs. Again it’s recorded at DC, but we get to go to Abbey Road to get it mastered!

Fruit Bomb

Fruit Bomb

How is it to support bands, when you’re playing to people who might not be exclusively there for you?

We just like playing live, and with other great musicians. And if people that wouldn’t see or hear us manage to watch us, that’s always a bonus.

Do you feel you’re part of a community of Manchester musicians?

Yeah, most of our friends play in bands. We have more of a community of musicians in Sheffield, where our drummer lives and most of us are from. Again it’s the Delicious Clam thing, which is basically a community of pretty successful musicians, helping each other out. For example, Ed Crisp from Best Friends fame has recorded everything we’ve done. And we’re really appreciative of what we’ve got there.

Is the band your full time jobs?

No! Sam and I work in bars and run an independent promotions company called Family Tree. Ben has just finished University and Calum works as an Ice Cream man during the summer months and also in a Drug paraphernalia shop! Calum also heads up Delicious Clam Records, with Ed Crisp.

What influences do you think we won’t hear in your music?

We all listen to a variety of music. But at the minute we’re into a lot of underground R&B/Hip-hop, especially Ricky Damon, CK Brown, Martha Wu and Snakeman.

We’ve also had Van Morrison & the Super Furry Animals on in the house a lot lately.

Best place for people to find out what you are up to?

Instagram. Or we’re probably sat in Fallow Cafe.

Apart from yourself of course, what other band/artist would you recommend our readers check out?

Gorgeous Bully, Rains, Thee Mightees, Easy Kill, Thumbuster, Long Limbs. We saw Peace and Love Barbershop Muhammad Ali recently in Manchester and they were ace. We also love that recent Sauna Youth record.

What’s next for Fruit bomb?

We’re doing an inter-railing tour round Europe, where we’re actually gonna be playing on the trains. We’re also covering Chris De Burgh for a Christmas single.

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