The Vanities

Glasgow-based 4-piece The Vanities have unveiled new single ‘Reality TV’ via their debut music video, shot in Glasgow and directed by Rory Cowieson at Tongue Twister Films.

Vocalist Alan Hannah says of the video:

“Rory’s style was absolutely the vibe we wanted to go for, guy made it the drugged up love child of Trainspotting and a 90’s Beastie Boys video, suits the tune perfectly, we got a bunch of our pals to come be the judges and the talent show acts, and went hectic.”

adding about the song:

“It’s about the mundanity of car crash reality television and feeling disillusioned with the modern celebrity. The lengths people will go to for their 15 minutes of fame. I wrote whilst finding myself in and out of unemployment and being on benefits, you are stuck alone with nothing but your thoughts and bottom of the barrel TV during the day. We truly do have ambivalence to the important, and an obsession to the pointless.”

‘Reality TV’ is the second single by The Vanities to be released by Glasgow-based independent label 7 West Music.

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