cassette store day 2016

Cassette Store Day 2016

Cassette Store Day is back this autumn on October 8th with a day of global celebrations and all in honour of the humble cassette tape. The first list of UK releases is as follows:

Pixies – Head Carrier (Pixies Music)
Courtney Barnett – Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit (Kissability)
Gonjasufi – Callus (Warp)
Fake Laugh – Ice EP + Great Ideas EP (self-released)
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly – The Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager (POST/POP)
Pile – First Other Tape (Fierce Panda Records)
Soft Walls – Live From MT8X (Faux Discx)
Various Artists – Gold Mold Records (Scottish Indie Sampler Vol. 2)
Summer Moon – With You Tonight (Kissability)
Bulbs of Held – Dendrite (Emerald and Doreen)
Various Artists – Odd Numbers: Volume 1 (37 Adventures)
Various Artists – Complex Channel Collective Volume 1 (Complex Channel)
Various Artists – Hide and Psych (Blak Hand Records)
-otron – doze on (n/a)
Various Artists – On New Horizons Vol III (ZyNg tapes)
Robert Heel – Naihehe (Etoka Records)
Island Cassettes – Rainmaker (Indian Corn)
Savage Mansion – Everyone to the Savage Mansion (Cool Your Jets)
Orlando Ferguson – Sing, O barren One! (wonkystuff)
Let’s Kill Janice – Interference / Smile & Gesture (Gravy Train)
Casper heyzeus – Self help for the helpless self (Ice cream for crow)
J.H. Guraj – Underrated Glances At The Edge Of Town (Maple Death Records)
Stromboli – Volume Uno (Maple Death Records)
Glitter Brains – Flippin’ Out On The Shiny (Jagged Skyline Records)
Dead Biker Chicks/Wolves Have Mercy – Dead Biker Chicks/Wolves Have Mercy Split (Jagged Skyline Records)
Various Artists / Visual Deception Unit – incognito mixtape (four three six)
The Bibles of Twang – Magicada (Jagged Skyline Records)
Honey Moon – Best In Town (Sad Club Records)
Various Artists – THE HLT PLAN: 22ND STEP (Hi-Lo Tunez)
Embla Quickbeam & Graham Dunning – Inside Memory’s Head (Third Kind Records)
Hattie Cooke – Hattie Cooke (Third Kind Records)
Onetwothreefaw – Fast and Trouble (Winter Beach)

Founded by UK indie labels Suplex Cassettes, Kissability, and Sexbeat in 2013 alongside US superstars Burger Records, last year’s Cassette Store Day saw involvement around the globe and 2016 will be no different.

This year they are joined by Mansions and Millions/Späti Palace in Germany, Balades Sonores in France, and VSI from Japan.

Co-founder Jen Long of Kissability said, “Every year around spring the emails and questions begin – will there be another Cassette Store Day? When will it happen? Can I put out a tape? For a supposedly dying format there’s still so much love and life for those little bits of plastic. I know come October there will be another special release list and days of celebration planned around the world. Vive le cassette! as our partners in France might say.”

Burger Records add, “When we completed Cassette Store Day 2015 we went back to the drawing board. We said ‘We can rebuild it. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s best Cassette Store Day. 2016 will be that year. Better than it was before. Better… stronger… faster.'”

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