Ahead of the release of their new album (September 5th), I happen to catch Airship in concert at a 30th birthday house-party for the guitarist from my band. To say it is a ‘somewhat intimate venue’ might be an understatement, as fifty-plus people risk fire-related death, crammed in to one room of a suburban cellar.

Most of the songs are new to me, as I last saw Airship a year ago and it’s been some time since the release of their Algebra EP. One of my favourites from that record: ‘Spirit Party’ goes down well for a song which could quite easily sound a bit daft, with the connotations of Ouija boards and all that. It’s got an interesting, late-90s post-grunge mixed with British indie feel; it’s like if Feeder or Bush had had some real emotions, (and actually been any good).

Airship’s drummer is the engine that drives them, keeping the pace and power up for the whole set. He really gives them the energy that sets them apart from a lot of bands on the scene at the moment that seem to have forgotten that music is a very visceral thing and really requires an input of grunt as well as song writing. That said, Airship have really effective, simple songs, and they are really, really tight as a band. They all seem to have everything that they would need to really make it – good songs, a sound of their own, really tight musicianship and a good deal of commitment to the band.

The set finishes strong with a cover of Talking Heads’ Psycho Killer – which a surprising number of people are singing along to. I can quite honestly say that I have never seen a mosh-pit in the cellar of a house before. Maybe I have never lived, but at least I made it out of the cellar alive… In any case, this is the best gig I have been to at my friend’s house. Happy 30th Birthday Alexis!


Chris Oliver

I've been playing bass guitar and guitar for over half my life. I last played bass in in a band called Electromotive and as a singer-songwriter I have written songs about cheese and vajazzles (separate songs!). I started out listening to 60s, 70s and 80s rock as a kid and I was in to grunge and U.S. punk and ska in the 90s. Since then, I've broadened my tastes and I like the best of all styles of music, even country. I've been writing for Silent Radio since it started.