Noga Erez

Tel-Aviv based artist Noga Erez has shared her latest single ‘You So Done’. A video accompanying the track has been made with Indy Hait, her third collaboration with the director. Speaking about the video Erez said:

“The video for ‘You So Done’ was a big risk taker for me. Usually, I have an idea or I work with a director on an idea together. Since this was my third video with Indy Hait, I decided to let him do his thing. He offered up an idea that included a robot and I immediately hated it. I was just not able to imagine how it wouldn’t come off as a science fiction video and felt it wasn’t my style. But after talking and tearing the idea apart, I realised that this is a truly meaningful character.

The robot in this video is actually not the violent character. Its job was to portray the act of violence through transferring the moves from an unseen character and helping them come alive visually. The video uses muscle memory as the ‘engine’ to that violent dance act, and muscle memory is something that fascinates me. Eventually this video is far from being science fiction, it is my most personal video to date.”

Erez has also released a statement about the subject of the song:

“. I was young, incredibly confused and lonely. I was emotionally and mentally exhausted from trying to figure out where the fuck my

place was in this world. Within that space, a series of really bad, toxic relationships found their way into my life. Or to simplify, I was dating too many douchebags.

It’s easy to look back and realise that now, but during that time, it was way more complicated. Innocent looking assholes are everywhere. But I suppose, who you bring into your life is also a matter of choice, most of the time. There was a moment during this period where I was actually so weak, insecure and in need of love that I was not able to step out of what I know now to be an emotionally abusive relationship.

We are living in an era where domestic and sexual violence is appearing above the surface all the time. Many of us have shared their experiences, revealing that we are far from being alone. There is still so much that needs to be done. So much so that it makes me angry. But mental and emotional abuse is something that is, at times, hard to measure or prove. It can often be something that happens gradually.

There are many ways to describe it, and it varies. For me it was a person who was stronger and older than me, who I looked up to and who had entered into my life and little by little led me to a point of being completely unsure of my own sanity. Led me to believe that I was unaware of my actions, that my perception of reality was fundamentally twisted.

My mom and my two best friends had tried for a period of almost three years to pull me out of that situation. Endless hours of conversations. Countless attempts to drill some logic inside my head, as I was going deeper and deeper into a state of losing myself completely. And it was hard, because my thoughts were his thoughts by that point. And even though I knew I was being used, tricked and manipulated, I was literally unable to let it go.

Here I am 10 years later and it took me 10 years to even write a song about it. During these 10 years I’ve needed help from my family and friends to rehabilitate my confidence. To gradually get to know myself again after almost completely not recognising myself for way too long. It took time to get that idea of “this is what I deserved” out of my head. And to be honest, I still struggle with it. A big part of me,

that I love and miss, was left behind.

All that being said, this is a dark and sad story, with a good ending. Patterns are tough, but not impossible to break out of. I was sure that I was doomed to date assholes for good, but that was not the case. I wrote this song with my partner in life, and my partner in music. Being able to choose him, and fall in love with him for his good heart, his nobleness and sensitivity and his uncompromising will to make me

happy and strong is the biggest victory of my life. Writing this song with him, diving deep into the pain and making it into something else was the most healing experience and one of those moments I am most grateful for.

It really, truly means the world to me to give this song to you.”

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