We’re delighted to present the video premiere of ‘Hot Power’ by Moon Attendant. The song is taken from the band’s debut album ‘One Last Summer’ due to be released on Friday (28th August) via Big Potato Records.

Q & A

We got the chance to ask Moon Attendant a few questions ahead of the release.

Moon Attendant

If you could engineer the ideal situation for a prospective fan to be introduced to Moon Attendant, what would that look like?

Wayne Coyne announces from his hamster ball that the new Lips record is totally indebted to this psychedelic band from Brighton “Moon Attendant?”. “We love them” he declares. Dave Fridman chips in, “I thought I knew about production y’all, but these fallaz rock my socks”

Does also being in other bands affect the way your album was made?

We are in other bands but we are a sort of collective who have and always will be helping each other make music and art. This includes all the members and guests from this LP & from President Sweetheart, Slowdive, Coley Park, HOO, Mojave 3, Caz Mechanic & Chapterhouse. It is a good way to stay true and we hope other such groups are still active in some way like Fence, they were a big influence on us.

So, yes in a positive way.

How does a Moon Attendant song start life?

The songs are about tough ideas, about people, pain & politics, humanity, justice, love, drugs, no regrets, all regrets, different paths, birth and death, songs are life. That said, they usually start in A.

Has not being able to play live shows had any impact on the recorded output?

This record was finished before they dropped the C Bomb on the world so that was in the clear, but not being able to play our labels residency at the Hope & Ruin (Brighton) since March is a drag, a few festival dates hit the wall too. The Hope’s back open now since August and we’re so glad they made it through all this shit, it’s a cool place run by passionate people, can’t wait to play there again. We intentionally haven’t done much music during lockdown, don’t think our heads were in the right place, we were probably worried we’d end up accidentally making a Burzum record or something. It all felt like everyone just went a little bit crazy with all that webcam stuff too, there was a lot pyjama music going on, no one needs that shit.

Moon Attendant - One Last Summer

Moon Attendant – One Last Summer Album Cover

What inspired the ‘Hot Power’ video?

It was about how everyone’s been going a bit batshit, you can see that’s a theme with us yeah, we’ve been all in our bubbles for months, it started off with a kind of perverse excitement, the feeling of moving into uncharted water, stretching the void, peeling back the onion, but we all ended up just sat behind a screen, eating Deliveroo and watching the world go by, trying not to think about the darkness of it all. So a lot of it was about that, and coming out of it all, you know, the madness of it, all of us, the madness of the crowd. We’re all doing these weird little scenes at home to pass the time, climb stairs, stare out windows in a bear mask, hide in a cupboard, sunbathe in the rain. You know how David Lynch always creates this palpable tension, with deep character studies against a backdrop of beautifully earnest yet simultaneously brutal scenes, we didn’t do any of that.

Is there anything you’d like to declare to the world?

Question everything you feel and say. Explore. And love everyone.

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