Farmer Dave & The Wizards of The West

The latest single from Farmer Dave & The Wizards of The West’s self-titled album ‘Babe Got Plans (For Me)’ has been released.

Farmer Dave had this to say about the song:

“‘Babe Got Plans (for Me)’ is a song of love and loss and ultimately the sense that as painful as it gets, letting yourself be open to the joy and pain of love is ultimately still the best game in town. I’d been in a relationship where there was some negativity and felt I had to stand up for myself in a way as well as honour the good and the bad that comes with being with someone. I also knew two different couples (both very close friends) at the time who always called each other “Babe” … and both of those relationships ended not-so-easily. So the song title is a bit like traveling back in time to when they were happy and singing from the perspective of the future. As rough as the bad times seemed, in a larger sense it’s all part of being human, learning, loving and living… I wouldn’t change a thing!”

The song is the third single to be released from the self-titled album.

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