Tonight is a night of alcohol spillage, intense joyful smiling and immense musical pleasure. The US hip hop musician gives the crowd an experience few would have predicted possible before he coolly struts on stage at quarter past 9… the chance to dance like a funky white boy and not give a fuck about it.

Damon Garrett Riddick, better known as Dâm-Funk is an LA-based artist delving into all things Parliament and George Clinton-like; that’s funk, soul, r&b and synth-pop. From standing behind the decks and mixing the boogie lovers into ecstasy to playing the key-tar and delivering piercing yet sumptuous solos, the man’s got it all.

I’m genuinely very surprised with how much I’m swinging my hips and biting my lip in that “YESSS LAADD” way that often accompanies a rhythmic head nod and multiple left hand fist pumps. The man’s voice is smooth as fuck and renditions of funk laden bangers such as ‘We Continue’ certainly show the eclectic nature of Riddick’s creative process.

He has many strings to his bow. A charismatic showman who enjoys a good ol’ chinwag with the crowd, he also delivers more serious performances in the form of piano ballads that draw many cheers and whooping noises. Usually I’d be like “fuck me let the man sing” in an spoilt brat-like fashion, however all the constant interjections are warranted as it certainly adds to an electric atmosphere.

Stepping into the venue, you can feel a warm energy as the usual Oldham Street mandem assemble in vegan formation for an evening of music, smoking in the rain and illicit trips to the bogs every five minutes… you know who you are! All thrifting aside though, the funky beats are a welcome treat for someone who hasn’t ventured to this gloriously musical city for a few months. Riddick’s cool aesthetic is certainly a reminder of the sort of bohemian activity that happens on the regs around here. A lot of my outings are centered around Oldham Street, with venues like Soup Kitchen giving music fans the opportunity to see acts who, quite frankly, couldn’t give a fuck about places like Liverpool; which is a fine shame. Regardless, Dâm-Funk’s joyous and enigmatic performance is a reminder to us all to appreciate the cool nooks and crannies Manchester offers patrons of music and bevvy.

Playing further numbers from his albums Toeachizown (2009) and Invite The Light (2015), it’s the crescendo which has me and my good friend Salah dancing like maniacs for what feels like a blissful eternity. I keep forgetting there’s a curfew and you know what, there shouldn’t be one; let the man sing and mix some more, he’s bloody great.

It’s been a brief one but again, it’s hard to concentrate and critique a gig in great detail when you spend half your time forgetting everything external to the current musical space, and that’s what good live music should do. Sound.

Dâm-Funk: Official | Facebook | Twitter

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