After witnessing OSEES smash it up big style in Liverpool this year, I was excited to hear the latest recording in a constantly evolving discography headed by the prolific and seemingly ageless J. Dwyer. Playing for around 2 hours at Invisible Wind Factory a few months ago, the duelling drummers and wailing guitar boys brought the house down with an energy similar to a that of a sentient bulldozer on the charlie. Despite their new record ‘Intercepted Message’ clocking in at a quarter of that set, it still packs a punch. A psychedelic, synth laden wallop to the chops.

Tracks such as “Unusual and Cruel” have bright guitars and hypnotic grooves amongst a robust and ferocious drum backdrop.

“The Fish Needs A Bike” – quite the title – also gives OSEES fans the usual length and breadth of the Dwyer & Sons workshop: swallowing the mic vocals, incessant skin pounding and a ton of garage guitar hooks leaving a piercing stain in your earholes.

One of my favourites of the record, “Die Laughing”, could be best described as insane clown music. It reminded me of Guerilla Toss a lot, who I’m sure have felt the OSEES/Oh Sees/Thee Oh Sees influence and slathered some on their own output.

“Blank Chems”, “Goon” and “Chaos Heart” are also highlights here. I don’t think Dwyer and the gang know how to make a bad tune. At times there are some meandering moments but overall, the songs are tight – despite their chaotic cloak – and addictive to touch.

OSEES are known mainly for their live endeavours but we shouldn’t forget their ability to constantly evolve, yet still pound the drum of high energy, garage inspired insomnia which usually hits the rather high standard spot. Most bands are lucky to release 2 or 3 good records. I think OSEES have managed to release 5 or 6 “great records”.

‘Intercepted Message’ for some people may not hit the heights of ‘Floating Coffin’ or ‘Carrion Crawler/The Dream’, but it’s definitely a worthy addition to an outstanding back catalogue.

OSEES: Intercepted Message’ – Out 18th August 2023 (In the Red)

– Intercepted Message (Full Album Live) – YouTube



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