Cult of Dom Kellar

Cult of Dom Keller

The Cult of Dom Keller are a quartet based out of Nottingham. For the last 7 years these DIY sonic alchemists have been creating whacked out soundscapes and songs that appear to have been born from another universe, all from the confines of their sonic bunker. 2015 will be the year they emerge from the frothing underground and bestow upon the world their most grand and ambitious album to date.

After a few changes in line-up, the present set up consists of vocalist and synth extraordinaire Neil Marsden, lead guitarist and support vocals from Ryan Gretsch, bass and additional synth come from Jason Holt and drum maestro Alistair Burns.

After their recent show at Kraak Gallery in Manchester, I had a chat with the lads in order to try and understand them better.

So, The Cult of Dom Keller – where did that name come from?

JH – Dom Keller was here from the inception of the band. It is omnipresent wherever we go. It is the music and the audience and everything that goes right and wrong for us. It is neither male nor female.

AB – Dom Keller is a pillar of agnosticism, the figurative representation of the folly’s of life. If you close your eyes it doesn’t exist.

RG – The Cult of Dom Keller is the sound of your prayers being answered by the Cthulhu Mythos…

I recently saw you over at Eindhoven Psych Lab; what was that like for you as a band? Is there anything you’ve taken from it as a band? They put you on the big main stage, must have been quite an experience?

RG – Eindhoven was like a large humanoid creature that had the wings of a bat and eyes that we’re detached from its head, breathing unholy fire over the land and ridding the earth of blandness and normality for 48 hours…

NM – Magical festival all round. Amazing vibes.

Coming up in September, I see you’re back at Liverpool Psych Fest – is this going to be your biggest show to date? Do you have a plan of attack?

NM – Of course there’s a plan!

RG – We played the very first Liverpool Psych Fest back in 2012 and since then the band has evolved so far from the band that played that night (both sonically and in personnel) that I cannot wait to bring what is now the real Cult of Dom Keller to Liverpool in September. As a band we have had line-up changes and grown and developed through dark and light and now things couldn’t be much better creatively speaking. It’s especially exciting as it will act as a precursor for the new album, playing new material and dragging you deeper into our world with the flailing tendrils of this crawling chaos.

Cult of Dom Kellar

Cult of Dom Kellar

Moving forward, it’s exciting to see you’re working with Fuzz Club on a split single – how did that come about?

JH – Casper has been a fan of the band for some time, but it was a case of it being the right timing/aligning of planets to make it happen. We’re going to be the 7th in the series, and 7 is sort of an obsession of mine. There’s currently talk of us getting together with The Myrrors to do a couple of shows later in the year, which I hope will happen. They’re a really cool band.

AB – We got the test pressing a month back and as always we were blown away by the quality of the master. It’s great to know that someone puts as much love into the physical record as we do into the music. The Myrrors are a great band and their track is fantastic.

And finally, a new album is on the way we believe. What can we expect? We’ve seen some glimpses live, is it more of the same?

RG – The new album is finally the sounds that have been threatening and haunting the echoes of my mind longing to escape for so long now. Now we have the right line up its the Frankenstein of four minds coming together to create something special that inhabits the centre of the musical universe – a sort of demonic cloud formation that emits haunted whispers one moment and planet shattering screams the next, that reside lost in time forever …

JH – We’ve been playing some of the new material live and it’s been getting a great reaction. We’re building on the foundations laid by the first two LP’s and making a skyscraper. With rockets. This one is going where no psych band has gone before. It bridges multiple dimensions and promises nothing less than pure, holographic sound.

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