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With a sound you could most definitely link to acts like Basement and Title Fight, maybe even a bit of Jawbox, Cheshire based Leatherneck offer some proper emo/grunge.

After the success of the ‘Monochrome/Derailed’ release last year, the boys are back with new track “Autumn Walls”. Taken from their upcoming EP entitled ‘Lighting Up The Tilt Sign’, it’s a great little slice of post-hardcore. Slow and moody with its slightly shy lead vocal and fantastic heart felt breakdowns makes for an engaging listen.

The problem with a lot of new bands in this vein is that they all sound the same, their songs blending into one another and becoming stale very quickly. This group however have some serious potential, Leatherneck have a real maturity to their songs for such young lads. The instrumentation is stellar and the dynamics within the music are extremely attractive.

I could certainly see myself listening to a full LP from Leatherneck and being able to say “fucking hell, better put that on the best albums list”.

Due for release on 5th August, you can get the EP via Close To Home Records.

Live Date:

The Wild Things Summer Bawl, Hackney – 19th August

Leatherneck Facebook | Bandcamp | Twitter


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