Australia is no stranger to producing incredible musical talent as of late. The act of Findlay sisters, Amy, Hannah, Holly and Sarah is no exception. The band is also one of the latest products of the incomparable Melbourne-based label Flightless (home of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard).

On their second visit to Manchester, on a now unusual rainy night, which didn’t go unnoticed, the Night and Day Café hosts the foursome and their powerhouse of a set, which after a quiet moment of preparation powerfully begins with ‘Delusion’ and the title track off the latest album Far From Earth, beautifully intertwined with songs from their previous releases with As Above, So Below’s magnificent ‘Changes’ being the highlight. Despite the new album’s recent release, the set list is split between their work exceptionally well, providing a wide range of Stonefield content. The band has definitely mastered the concept of originality, being inspired by and utilising a sound of 70s influenced progressive rock which is their overlying theme. Subsequently creating complex but effortlessly performed Zeppelin-esque guitar riffs from Hannah, Sarah’s whirring keyboards and Holly’s vigorous basslines. The band’s love of classic and progressive is definitely shown through their content and output.

One thing that resonates throughout the venue is lead singer Amy’s thunderous drumming paired with beautifully melodic vocals, giving an intriguing blend. It also provides a fantastic way to drive the rest of the band of her younger siblings constantly beaming at one another across the stage. The wall of noise aspect is definitely a main feature of Stonefield’s unique sound, with few breaks in the set, other than to thank the crowd, which is met by positive reactions from the engrossed, mainly King Gizzard set of fans.

One word to definitely describe Stonefield is refreshing. All-female bands, let alone sisters, are seldom seen so it is fantastic to see one progressing as they are, touring expanses outside of Australasia and making a name for themselves in an arguably male-dominated scene. There is no denying these girls have extreme talent and this is shown by their professionalism and overall musical ability.

The future for Flightless is bright and it is not at all disappointing to say that these four girls in particular are going to be a part of this of rapid global expansion. The only downside that can be found is that they are based as far as away as they are somewhat restricting their access to the UK but whenever a Flightless band pops up, they are a thorough recommendation.

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