The Night and Day Café is full tonight, and the crowd is full of love for the Chicago based smooth electro pop duo Drama. Drama is a collaboration between vocalist Viva Rosa and producer Na’el Shelade. They blend soulful R&B vocals over tightly crafted electro beats. Straight away their sound is as pristine and fluid this evening as anything heard on record. They have impeccable chemistry as a band, casting blissful sonic perfection across the eager room.

Their music is a flawless mix of chilled, yet danceable beats. Perfect for any occasion, but tonight the dancing is in prominent place and I find myself moving more and more limbs as the set progresses. Much of this increased motion can be put down to the disco infused ‘Hold On’ which catches even the most stationary audience member in its wake. While the packed room is already hot in Night and Day, ‘Forever’s Gone’ sets the crowd ablaze. With a bassline that could be straight out of the Drive soundtrack, it is a fantastic track, in a set that just keeps getting perpetually better.

Their captivating sound is like a cross between The xx and Maribou State. The xx influence can really be heard in crowd favourite ‘Low Tide’ with its slick muted guitar rhythm. Rosa’s vocals are passionate and her stage presence is a joy. For the first night on their latest tour, they have a polished performance and deliver it with soul.

Even through songs often about heartbreak, the night is pure dance party vibes. The crowd laps up everything thrown at them during the phenomenal set, both older tracks and new, from ‘Fuck Dave’ from 2016 EP Gallows to the most recent single ‘Year.’ In a show with no duds, Drama manage to keep burning bright late into the night. ‘Billy’ is outstanding, as is their biggest hit ‘Walk Away’. It is a night that keeps you wanting more. With new album Dance Without Me being released on Valentine’s Day, this year it can be a day to look forward to whether in love, single or heartbroken.

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