Liela Moss

Liela Moss is set to release second solo album ‘Who The Power’ on August 7th via Bella Union and has released a lyric video for ‘Watching The Wolf’, taken from that album.

Speaking about her feelings towards the album, she said:

“To make music for the sake of it felt like a grotesque and narcissistic thing to do, and very reflective of our times. So much of being a musician and live performer is about projecting energy outward, which can be a beautiful and powerful thing. I experienced a good round of that over previous years, and now wanted to explore my fears of tipping the scales the other way: why should I continue to re-enact the narcissistic habits of our generation, desperate for validation, desperate for space, for ‘a platform’?”

As with Moss’s debut solo album, it has been created in collaboration with her The Duke Spirit bandmate Toby Butler, who have also previously released music as a duo under the name Roman Remains. The pair have also also recently had a child together.

Moss had some final words to add about the release:

“My offering is only mine. It lacks ubiquity. Crucially, it doesn’t seek to rob from others. In actual fact it only has to feed three mouths, under the shelter they need, and provide enough time to nourish their minds so that they can in turn be in the productive service of others. It doesn’t need to win to succeed. Just to be understood for what it is, is enough.”

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