Manchester’s own Deco Records have become synonymous with putting on good live nights and the five band bill they have compiled for this evening’s entertainment is no exception.

I get to an already packed out Castle in time for Plato, a Manchester based four piece who offer alternative based rock that is accessible and easy to listen to. The lads are all young and are still learning their art and a bit of nervousness shows through at times, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they can deliver good quality songs. They are followed by Aughra who wear their influences firmly on their sleeve and it’s not difficult to pick out whose melodies they have altered in a number of their songs – this takes away from the fact they have a very strong vocalist who has creative words.

There has been much talk around town of Tinfoils recently, who have seemingly come from nowhere to cause a stir. The three piece offer a no thrills garage tinged punk rock that is pure energy and no messing about, fans of Idles and Thee Oh Sees will lap them up. Their set is mesmerising and it’s no exaggeration to call them the old cliché of a power trio. They make good use of the ‘slow down mid song and make everyone think we’ve finished’ in their tracks and the appreciative audience waste no time in cheering them throughout. In a city saturated with sound, Tinfoils are producing a new noise and one that is definitely aurally pleasing.

Mold have garnered a reputation for being somewhat insane with their infectiously catchy tunes, strange attire and no f**ks given attitude. Having gone from strength to strength they have more than earned tonight’s headline slot and the venue is sold to capacity by the time they take to the stage. The normally three piece are joined by a miscellany of friends tonight to make seven gracing the stage at varying intervals, all in the accustomed face paint or unusual attire as in the case of the guitarist who wears a full head hood throughout. Trying to describe this experience is impossible; it is carnage, mayhem, amazing and hypnotising. Somehow, through all the mayhem they deliver an incredible set of songs that only they could devise. The added musicians add a depth to their repertoire that you didn’t know was missing and enables them to scale new heights. If Mold aren’t snapped up by one of the larger underground labels soon, I’d be extremely surprised. They offer a welcome reprieve to difficult times and encourage the listener to jump head first down the rabbit hole.

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