Axel Flóvent


Just a quick missive from the front line, as I find myself rolling out of the award-winning Cocktail Beer Ramen Bun into the Castle Hotel and happen upon a gig from an Icelandic singer songwriter called Axel Flóvent and his troupe (well, his two accompanists).

It is lovely, gentle, chilled music and Axel and friends come across as genuinely nice people, too, taking the time to introduce his songs properly, and giving a background on their meaning, which adds to the experience. He’s a good guitarist but channels this into writing beautiful, simple parts with room for his accompanists to add character. The vocals are soft and supported by harmonies from both of his bandmates.

Flóvent, now based in Brighton, grew up in a remote fishing village and tells tales of his time on the windswept Eastern coast of Iceland (population approximately three men and a baby). 2016’s Forest Fires EP and 2017’s Quiet Eyes EP were well received and Flóvent spent 18 months in the Netherlands before moving to Brighton. He is currently touring a collection of new and old songs around the UK.

The band share an acoustic guitar, piano/keyboard, electric guitar and violin between them and produce a consistently pleasant, bucolic set filled with warmth and love, understanding and positive vibes. It would suit fans of the Shins, Devendra Bernhardt and Elliot Smith.

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