Another enticing array of new releases in our roundup this week.

Kelley Stolz      La Fleur             

There are the requisite 60’s meets 80’s pop rock confections that Stoltz favours with a new focus on out front vocals and perhaps a bit shinier production. Pandemic era blues, politics and fatherhood are lyrical touchstones throughout.

Angelica Garcia             Gemelo             

Pop experimentalist with an album that is searing and borderless, free of cultural confinement and challenging the notion that singing in English is a prerequisite for creating American music.

Orbury Common          Sylvan Chute 

A collection of subverted pop songs and surreal ballads, wherein earthy (and unearthly) synths, deformed samples and mangled drumbeats coalesce with and ensemble of zithers, flutes, organs and guitars.

Goat Girl            Below The Waste         

Their latest album bears the influence of time spent listening to Phillip Glass and Deerhoof.

Seasick Steve                 A Trip A Stumble A Fall Down On Your Knees               

It’s a record on which he seems a little preoccupied with solitude and an escape from digital living (‘Moving To The Country’ / ‘Internet Cowboys’) but it also includes a song he began writing in 1967 (‘San Francisco Sound 67’), songs about recovery (‘A Trip A Stumble’), defying preconceptions (‘You Don’t Know), and his love of bands like Sly & The Family Stone (‘Funky Music’).

Bonny Light Horseman             Keep Me On Your Mind / See You Free              

Double album with its roots in the sounds and lyrical spirit of traditional folk music, its branches in a more experimental and emotionally raw version of the band.

Good Looks     Lived Here For A While             

Austin Texas quartet that write kind hearted and cathartic rock songs about the persistence required to make it through hard times.

adaa     …img   

Field recording sit behind most tracks, alongside VST synths, guitars, and a variety of voices, from adaa’s own mangled vox to EVP samples taken from YouTube.

Sabrina Song  You Could Stay in One Spot and I’d Love You the Same         

Alt-pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose debut album explores themes of existentialism, navigating young womanhood, gratitude, and the intensity of love.

The Mysterines              Afraid of Tomorrows  

A deeper and darker foray into The Mysterines’ psyche than its predecessor.

Red Vanilla       Days of Grey EP            

The band has a densely, guitar-driven sound wrapped in ‘90s inspired pop-hook vocals,

Amanda Bergman         Your Hand Forever Checking On My Fever    

Miniatures painted in lush, orchestral brush-strokes that spread like the vast expanses of Amanda’s home on a working farm in rural Sweden, or bring into focus the detail of the lessons learned (or learning) across a career as a musician, an environmental activist, a farmer, and a mother.

Psychic Graveyard       Wilting

Consisting of Charles Ovett’s relentless workflow on the drums; the burbling sawtooth substructures, grimy lead synths, and deconstructed guitars supplied by Nathan Joyner and Paul Vieira; and, of course, vocalist Eric Paul’s many narrators and personas, who find form as ghosts howling from within the machine or as agitated surrealists living lives huddled in the grimmest of redoubts.

Axel Flovent     Away From This Dream

Icelandic alt-pop artist leaning into life’s ebb and flows as he allows his signature sound to breathe and thrive.

Tymon Dogg & The Dacoits     The Granada Sessions             

Punk/folk experimentalists who played with Joe Strummer in The 101ers.

Strand of Oaks               Miracle Focus

The songs on his eighth album celebrate bliss and connection and were written following Showalter’s transformative embrace of meditation. Influences like Ram Dass, Alice Coltrane, Freddie Mercury and the Beastie Boys weave through the album, creating a joyful soundscape rich with synth layers and mantra-like lyrics.

Only The Poets               One More Night EP      

Six tracks that sees the band consolidating their synch-pop sound and illuminating the heartfelt emotion in their lyrics.

Umbra Vitae     Light of Death

Album that emerges with a spine-chilling violin swell before erupting into duel guitar driven madness,

Magic Fig           Magic Fig          

Members of the Bay Area’s best and brightest pop, psychedelic and garage bands join forces.

Disciple B.C     Power. Blood. Sacrifice.          

An album that sees them playing off and subverting religious imagery with their grinding, distorted, hardcore-infused punk rock.

Pem      Cloud Work EP

Songs that blend confessional lyrics with swooping melodies, transporting listeners into a world of vulnerable introspection.

Perennial           Art History       

Art History finds the New England three-piece mastering their modernist punk as a collage of 60s mod grooves, post-hardcore angles, Stax soul, and experimental electronic music.

Loose Articles                 Scream If You Wanna Go Faster          

Manchester punks with an album that covers everything from the highs of being pinball champions to the lows of having to deal with rubbish jobs and managers.

Jo Harrop          The Path of a Tear         

An album that goes beyond jazz, into blues and 70s soul, and was produced by the legendary Larry Klein, best-known for his work with iconic artists Joni Mitchell, Madeleine Peyroux and Herbie Hancock. Featuring songs co-written with Ian Barter (Amy Winehouse’s ex-Musical Director), Hannah V (Stormzy, JP Cooper), and collaborator Paul Edis

Ginger Winn    Stop-Motion   

Singer-songwriter with a 27-minute carousel ride through a renaissance.

Cardinals          Cardinals EP  

A sound that has echoes of Big Music, of the effervescence of 80s indie, conjuring up an eclectic, gothic amalgam of shoegaze, Irish trad folk and alternative music

Elour    Blood Running              

An act whose goal is to help people find community, empowerment, and catharsis through the experience of emotionally charged, hook-heavy femme rock music.

Clara La San    Made Mistakes             

While her music is steeped in a holistic listening of myriad musical strands—from early aughts R&B to contemporary rap instrumentals—Clara La San braids her influences with inspirations from cinema scores and up-to-the-second sound design.

Memo PST        Memo PST       

12 blasts of raw and primitive Los Angeles punk rock.

Maya Vik            Hustlebot        

An album full of dance hits, positive lyrics, and a coolness that reminds listeners of Kylie Minogue or Janet Jackson.

Sect      Plagues upon Plagues              

Hardcore album about a political plague swept in worldwide under the chaos of a literal & ecological one.

Evergrey             Theories of Emptiness             

Gothenburg metal band who have previously gifted their devotees 13 studio records depicting dark, emotional imagery supported by progressive and heavy melodic metal elements.

Kaytranada      Timeless           

Producer with his follow-up to BUBBA, his 2019 Grammy award-winning project for Best Dance/Electronic Album.