James and the Cold Gun

Cardiff-based duo James and the Cold Gun have unveiled a video for their new single ‘Plug Me In’, out now via Venn Records.

The track is the follow-up to previous single ‘Long Way Home’. Guitarist James Joseph says of the track:

“‘Plug Me In’ is a love letter to volume, it’s for the times where you feel completely lost and rely on music to make you ‘feel something.

The past year has been difficult for us all and I think nearly everyone can relate to feelings of helplessness or feeling like ‘groundhog day’ – getting into a garage and turning our amps up as loud as possible has been such a cathartic release for us.”

The ‘solo’ at the end of the new single is actually played by 8 different people – all of the band members, producer Adrian Bushby, his assistant engineer, photographer friend of the band Feisal Khazragi, and their drummer’s girlfriend Chloe.

“We thought it’d be funny to just let everyone have a go at ripping a solo and making some weird noises even if they’ve never played guitar before, with our music, I really want to encourage more people to give playing guitar a go, you don’t have to be technically proficient, you just have to have fun with it!”

The band will be supporting SALEM on their ‘Join The Church’ October 2021 UK tour dates, with tickets on sale now.

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