Legendary multimedia artist David Lynch returns this summer with the follow-up to ‘Crazy Clown Time’, his acclaimed 2011 solo debut. ‘The Big Dream’ will be released July 15 in Europe on Sunday Best Recordings.

The new album sees Lynch returning to primary songwriting and performance duties, writing 11 out of the album’s 12 tracks. Also included in the lineup is Lynch’s signature take on the Bob Dylan folk classic ‘The Ballad of Hollis Brown.’

‘The Big Dream’ will be available in physical and digital formats (CD/LP/DL) all including an additional bonus download track ‘I’m Waiting Here’ with Swedish singer-songwriter Lykke Li.

The double-LP set pressed on Heavyweight Vinyl will be accompanied by a bonus 7” that contains the Lykke Li track on side A, and a visual etching on side B that was hand-inscribed directly into lacquer by Lynch exclusively for this release.

As you would expect from an accomplished film director, the songs are cinematic in scope. Lynch uses his reverb-drenched guitar and processed voice to summon primal moods and melodies that color a strange world populated by character archetypes familiar to fans of his films: the irresistible femme fatale in ‘Star Dream Girl,’ the tender romantic in ‘The Big Dream,’ and ‘Are You Sure,’ the smooth psychopath in ‘Say It,’ and the quirky oddball in ‘Sun Can’t Be Seen No More.’


Track Listing:

1.    “The Big Dream”

2.    “Star Dream Girl”

3.    “Last Call”

4.    “Cold Wind Blowin”

5.    “The Ballad of Hollis Brown”

6.    “Wishin’ Well”

7.    “Say It”

8.    “We Rolled Together”

9.    “Sun Can’t Be Seen No More”

10.  “I Want You”

11.  “The Line It Curves”

12.  “Are You Sure”

‘I’m Waiting Here’ with Lykke Li – Exclusive Bonus Track