Before I talk of my disappointment with Doomsquad, hailing from Canada, I firstly want to give a quick mention about support act The Six. If these were supporting anyone else, I’d probably hit the bar and wait for them to fuck off stage before shuffling back into the Night and Day’s overrated scenery. But, due to the flatness of Doomsquad, these lot blew me away in a way I’d didn’t expect. They have some catchy tunes, the sort you’d find on the old Juice FM or popular radio stations. It’s not very original, but hey, if they wanna go for success and money then they’re on the right track. Despite some suspicions of a backing track and miming at times, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. They’re alright. Tonight though, they look like geniuses.

Doomsquad appear to be far too edgy for their own good. I hate the whole, let’s dress up like fucking erotic aliens or something. It’s like, we get it you dig acid maaaan. Great, good job fellas, I was once ate a hobnob with cheese on it, I’m fucking crazy lad.

Their latest album called Total Time is filled with song titles you’d expect to find in a far quad haircut donning teenage girl’s notebook, whilst sat off smoking funny fags and discussing Pink Floyd albums, and not even the good ones, at unnecessary length. There are a few decent tracks they showcased such as ‘Who Owns Noon In Sandusky’ and ‘Pyramids On Mar’”, but other than them I found myself bored. More bored than I’ve ever been at a gig, probably. I mean don’t get me wrong, I think on their absolute best day of the season, they’re a boss live encounter. I’ll have to give ‘em another crack, but tonight they’re just not doing it for me.

The name itself Doomsquad got me into a boisterous mood, originally I thought it was gonna be some dirty, heavy, sludgy stoner metal, the sort that annoys metal purists. I soon discovered via a trip to YouTube they weren’t. However, with the prospect of some psych-dance/electronic noise, I was excited and full of spunk. But by the end of their set, which sometimes was decent, I was left feeling empty. My balls were as dry as the Sahara, and not in a good way.

I can see the appeal with Doomsquad, like I’ve already said, if it wasn’t for Night And Day’s gloomy aesthetic I would have probably enjoyed it. But then again, I never had a bad gig at places like the Kazimier, which are famously more dingy and cramped. Overall, abit of a shit one. Sorry Canada.

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