Myths‘ is the first collective EP from Haus of PINS, featuring music from Kyōgen, Jupiter-C, and Dream Wife. It will be release on May 25th 2015

Kyōgen (Kyoko Swan, ex-The Louche/SWAYS Records) formed in October 2014. She has been working as a solo performer with a loop pedal to create a lush, layered sound. The track was recorded with Martin Hurley at Sways studio.

She had this to say about the track… “The song is called Precious, and I was trying to approach song writing in the simplest way I possibly could, which is pretty much my mantra for the whole project.”

Jupiter-C is Ashiya Eastwood and David Kane.  They started working together as Jupiter-C in 2013 creating a kind of noisy, downbeat form of weird pop music.  So far Jupiter-C have toured with East India Youth, and appeared at Green Man festival last year.

David commented about ‘Insect Eyes’… “It’s based upon one of JG Ballard’s earliest short stories, ‘Prima Belladonna’. It’s a surreal piece of sci-fi centred around a shop that sells singing plants which can be switched on or off (like iPods), and one plant in particular which can sing in 24 octaves and helps to keep all the other plants in tune.

Dream Wife originally formed as part of a performance art project at Art School in Brighton in early 2014.  Rakel, Alice and Bella took the band on tour for a month to Canada and have since been working on recording an EP in London.

Vocalist Rakel had this to say about ‘F.U.U’… “‘We had this extra track that we loved called ‘F.U.U’. We’d grown tired of the details that goes into recording properly, so we recorded this track in Alice’s bedroom in two evenings.  Alice is a hoarder of vintage electronics and her apartment is like walking into a storage space of electronics. So she’s got all this great gear and we ended up doing a D.I.Y. recording there

The EP Launch including all the bands and PINS will be on 27th May at the Lexington, London.

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