Daytime TV Photo Credit Rory Barnes

UK-based Daytime TV have stepped out with their first new music of 2021 with ‘Zombie’.

The self-filmed and self-directed video accompaniment for ‘Zombie’ was shot in three different locations across the UK where each member is currently residing – the Midlands, Scotland, and London.

Speaking on the new single, the band’s vocalist and guitarist, Will Irvine says:

“’Zombie’ is such an important song for us. It’s our comment on the state of society from a social perspective. The lack of human contact. Reliance on technology. Suppressing emotions. It’s left us all feeling a bit dead behind the eyes.

“The feeling of being ground down mentally by external forces and trying to break out of that cycle to find some clear headspace is something we can all relate to right now. Everyone puts on a brave face but you never know what’s going on behind that mask.

“Ironically it was getting the lyrics for zombie off my chest that made me feel a bit better about things. Music is a good therapy. Writing lyrics is like talking things through with an old friend. I hope it can connect with people and give them some fire in the belly at a time where we’re all looking for something to grab hold of.”

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