Big Ups

Big Ups


I’ve been to Kraak Gallery quite a lot recently, and I’m really pleased this is the case as it’s one of Manchester’s finer small venues and it’s great that more bands are stopping by to play here! Tonight we have quite a diverse line up on our hands but the focus is on headliners Big Ups, a US based quartet who are currently on their second UK tour this year in support of their raved about LP ‘Eighteen Hours of Static’.

Opening tonight’s show are two local acts who do a great show in waking up the bleary eyed Tuesday night crowd; first up we have the surf pop stylings of The Hipshakes who’s punk like energy kick off proceedings nicely, while Mistoa Polsta bring a noisier garage tinged vibe gearing everyone up for what’s to come.

Main support tonight comes from Dublin based outfit September Girls who bring a 60’s pop vibe with a garage rock tinge and do a great show in getting hips moving and heads nodding with a bewitching blend of strong guitar hooks and brooding reverb drenched vocals. They’ve just released an ace album called ‘Cursing The Sea’ in which the set focuses on, with album and set closer ‘Sister’ acting as tonight’s highlight in all its powerful, smouldering excellence.

New Yorkers Big Ups step up last to play their fast and furious brand of hardcore tinged punk rock. What I love about their record is how it dips into some of the obscure sub-genres of punk and rock, with nods to Slint with spoken word excerpts and Fugazi with hypnotic rhythms and relentless bass lines. Although we are treated to some of the albums more dynamic moments such as ‘Justice’, ‘Goes Black’ and ‘Wool’, the band focus on delivering a punk rock set with a bunch of new songs which sound even more ferocious than some of the album’s heavier moments. As the band announce their last tune, the head banging floor tom stomp of ‘Fresh Meat’, tonight’s set has totally flown past but I guess this is punk rock, lots of songs in a short space of time. It’s leaves you wanting more for sure. Big Ups are definitely one of the most unique sounding bands at the moment and their live shows are totally solid and full of fist pumping, rock out moments. Go dig the Big.

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Benjamin Forrester

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