“Are you waiting for us? I didn’t get the memo.”  The opening words as PINS begin their co-headline show with Dum Dum Girls at the Roadhouse.  The room is packed, so much so that it is difficult to see the band on stage from only a few rows back.

The opening song of the set is a new one, it’s called ‘Curse These Dreams’ and despite its lyrics claiming “I hear a silence, please let it ring”, there is no silence to hear.  Although slightly subdued,  there is a noticeable warmth coming from the crowd straight away.

The second and third songs of the set, ‘Get With Me’ and ‘I Want It All’ are both from debut album Girls Like Us, released last September.  They are well received as the set shapes up to be a full-on wall of sound.  Another new song, ‘House Of Love’ follows with the speakers in the Roadhouse struggling to keep up.

‘Shoot You’, released on heart-shaped vinyl for record store day last month is up next.  The band rattle through it and move straight into ‘Oh Lord’.  Guitarist Lois Macdonald uses ‘Oh Lord’ to jump up onto one of the monitors at the front, giving those at the back their first opportunity to see her on the stage.  It is a little unfortunate that she ended up behind one of the ceiling mounted speakers though, so only those on the far side of the room could see her face.

Title track of debut EP ‘LuvU4Lyf’ follows back-to-back with title track of the debut album ‘Girls Like Us’.  Bassist Anna Donigan then announces “If you want to dance this may be your last chance” to introduce ‘Waiting For The End’.  It’s not quite the end yet though, final song of the set is a cover of Misfit’s ‘Hybrid Moments’.

Following the band changeover, Dum Dum Girls pick up where PINS left off.  Opening with ‘Mine Tonight’ and ‘I Got Nothing’ from 2012’s End Of Daze EP they continue to push the venue speakers to the limit.

There isn’t a lot of talking to the crowd.  Before starting their third track, 2011 single ‘Bedroom Eyes’, there is instead a fairly lengthy quiet.  The track is instantly recognisable and the crowd react accordingly, swaying along from the moment the lead guitar gets the song going.

Dum Dum Girls

Dum Dum Girls

‘In the Wake of You’, the first of six songs taken from the latest album Too True is up next followed by title track of 2010 debut album ‘I Will Be’.  Before returning to songs from the new album, ‘He Gets Me High’ gets an airing.  The track features a flanging guitar effect that I don’t like.  I hadn’t noticed it being so offensive on the record, but I also seem to be the only one offended by it tonight, so maybe it’s just me.  My favourite song of the set ‘Too True To Be Good’ follows, so at least I don’t have too long to think about it.

Three more songs from the latest album, and two more from debut album I Will Be come before Dum Dum Girls also leave the stage with a cover.  This time it’s ‘Sight of You’ originally recorded by Pale Saints.

There is a two song encore to close the night, the annoying flange is back for ‘Lost Boys & Girls Club’ before final song ‘Coming Down’.

I came out tonight expecting big things from both bands and I wasn’t let down.  PINS are surely on their way to big things and although I’d have liked a bit more interaction from Dum Dum Girls, they proved themselves to be excellent performers.  I don’t think it’ll be too long until I’m in the audience for both of these bands again.

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