Artwork by Oliver Harrap

Artwork by Oliver Harrap

Psych trio Two Skies have announced the UK release of their new single ‘Feel’ with B-side ‘Broken Hearts’ out May 11th via Blak Hand Records. The brand new tracks blend the furious tenacity of their live shows with a sonic slumber drenched in shimmering psychedelia. Lead track ‘Feel’ pushes new frontiers with a striking guitar, underlying symphonic elements and lyrics “I wanna feel, I wanna know” circling empowering drums.  Bursting their way through the burgeoning new psych movement, Two Skies create a new landmark with these two tripped out songs that are sure to turn a few heads.

 Caught somewhere between the fleeting glimpses of heaven and hell, Two Skies were driven together by a mutual love of ethereal noises and powerful trippy grooves. Influenced by late night jamming sessions and David Lynch films, their music is an almost nightmarish mix of rollicking basslines and fuzzy washed out guitars. In sharp contrast to the sun-drenched vibes of the modern psych revival, Two Skies evoke the dark night of the soul, hammering out an aural expression of urge, lust and craving.

In between recording at their own studio, Two Skies have made their way up and down the country supporting Johnny Marr, Toy, Elephant Stone, The Voyeurs, and Wooden Shjips.

Pre-order the cassette here:

Upcoming Tour Dates 

May 21 – Carsons, Middleton

May 30 – Opium 10, Barnsley supporting Blossoms

July 3 –  Kraak, Manchester supporting The Cult of Dom Kellar

July 24 – Tramlines Festival, Sheffield

July 25 – Karma, Leeds

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