Firecracker is the new single from Victoria+Jean, a duo linked artistically and romantically. Originally a smoky blues song, Firecracker mutated into a full on electric anthem, with punchy guitar and an insistent beat.

“I was really inspired by the film version of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” says Victoria (vocals). “Particularly the way Johnny Depp would hit the road and go to these casino’s and dingy bars on acid (and other drugs), walking like a total freaky weirdo – like Monty Python’s silly walks!”

The video for Firecracker has been directed by long-term PJ Harvey collaborator Maria Mochnacz.

“My dear friend John Parish told me about a band he was working with who were trying to contact me,” she says. “Victoria+Jean sent the album through and explained that they were asking video makers/artists to make videos for all of the songs on their album, and to chose which ever song I liked, and to do whatever I wanted, and that they had time – my favourite ingredient!”

“Maria had this crazy cool idea of us doing mug shots in flashy tights, and behaving like fugitives on the run,” says Victoria. “But not in a discrete, secretive way AT ALL!”

Watch the video below:

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