Precipitation, as a literary device, is universally linked thematically to negative topics like the demise of a loved one/barbecue/relationship or even the inability to load a musket if period re-enact were the scenario (appears not). Owning to the 167 second runtime, it is a somewhat more concise and straightforward lament about undefined melancholy, with the cloud-spawn moderated to the less extreme ‘spitting’ setting; in turn lessening the risk of hypothermia and/or dengue fever depending on whatever climate/scenario your imagination transposes this in.

Dissecting certain elements within the recording; in the midst of the song, when the guitar solo occurs, the cymbals presumably being hit sound like the subject matter (the rain) owing to the production sanding down the impact (of hitting metal), whether deliberate I’m not sure, although that ties in with detraction as the drumming is typically more forceful-sounding live. Some kind of speaker effect is briefly employed on the backing vocal (call and response?), perhaps an indicator of rhetorical discourse between the mind (superego, eid, ego etc). The post-solo bridge thing seems to have a brief, grounding effect before the movement picks up again, which is neat.

I believe the lyrics mention ‘golden showers’ and the description of those typically white aerosols being ‘fat and grey’, providing imagery that would humour some, and perhaps perturb others; whatever the case, the narrative is effective. Another example could be the stagnant water metaphor’s relatablity to anyone trapped in perceived repetition (Groundhog Day but real?), however an interpretation is but an interpretation; it could be about saturated rice paddies and we (collective ‘we’) the listener would be none the wiser. As an entity equivalent to the third Roman numeral, the sprinkled guitar and vocal (toward the end-ish) overdubs here and there indicates not so, but they are, divulging the experience between live and the studio. The bass line’s part in acting like the unassuming, yet still in much demand foreman builds on the urgency of the guitar-work, with the crescendo approach seemingly cutting a path of optimism, although that may in fact be complacency in the face of the mildly adverse weather; a leaf out of the late Gene Kelly’s branch perhaps?

Tinfoils: Spitting – Out Now



Angus Rolland

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