Antelopes - Wrestlemania. Art by Jolan Lewis

Art by Jolan Lewis

Liverpool independent label Blak Hand Records are happy to announce Wrestlemania, the new & final EP from Antelopes.

Although it’s been around nine months since the Warrington trio called it quits, Antelopes and Blak Hand Records have teamed up one last time to bring their fans a big going away present.

Wrestlemania features nine songs that were intended for release with their next EP, along with some demos, unused b-sides, alternate mixes  and according to frontman Sim Lewis, “Whatever else we had left over on the multi track that was vaguely listenable.”

All recorded in their rehearsal space in Warrington, this tape captures the last few months of a group of friends doing what they love; writing songs, recording songs, then arguing about the mixes.

The EP will be available on limited orange cassette from 24th May 2016.

It’s Wrestlemania, Baby.

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