Personally, I think it’s important to take some things into consideration when listening to a debut single. If an artist is serious, they’ll pour their heart, soul, and everything just shy of the kitchen sink into that first song. At that point, it’s evident that to them, it is their masterpiece. In that case, the second single is what you should judge them off as it has something to live up to. If you really listen closely to those heart and soul songs though, especially as a first release, it can often sound strained. Too polished, too scrubbed up and perfected to the point of imperfection.

‘Not Right For You’ is something I listened to with that in mind and in all honesty, I was geared up to rip it apart if need be. But after reaching the minute mark, I’d forgotten all of that, and found myself absorbed by tight timings and soundly constructed instrument building.

On a second listen, it’s a lot easier to keep yourself grounded and really listen to the nitty gritty of what makes the song tick. It’s then that you realise that Tom isn’t self-indulgent or ahead of himself. The single itself states that. By not pretending to be something he isn’t, the song feels honest, flowing from verse to verse, putting no strain on any one element and allowing for an easy listen. His heart and soul is in this song, but there is no need for a second single for anyone to know that both his seriousness and talent will continue over.

Tom Gibson – Not Right For You: Out Now (Self Released)