Field Studies

Field Studies


It pretty much feels like a showcase of up-and-coming bands here at Night and Day, and with each band it just seems to get better and better as the night goes on. We’re entertained by self described ‘multi-instrumental-ising, loop pedal driving duo based in Manchester’ band The Vanity Project, Warrington ‘dream-pop’ band Danxia, and electronic Manchester band Akranes, that is before the masterpiece that is Field Studies is presented.

Well worth waiting for, Field Studies have been described as atmospheric, and they truly are creating landscapes upon landscapes that seem to stretch out as far as the eye can see, clouds and all. Hailing from Nottingham, they’re like a cross between the ethereal-ness of Sigur Rós, the cathartic-ness of Explosions In The Sky, and the intricate aggression of Jeff Buckley. It’s these pensive yet aggressive vibes that are really quite spell-binding, they just make you sit up and listen more keenly. Not only that, but the four-piece sound like they have been crafting gloriously arranged sounds forever. Sounds that seem to have always existed but never perceived. Sounds that they have been able to grab hold of and make the rest of us concentrate enough to listen, to something we’ve not yet been able to grasp. Sounds that seem natural and familiar, but which we’ve never been able to quite hear, not until they’d brought our attention to them and made us notice. Between these beautifully raw and stripped back songs and their more defiantly blended rock, it all sounds quite magnificent, and it’s even better live, something you wish to hear a little bit longer.

It’s been quite a long night though, with the showcase of music starting around eight-thirty, and continuing on till past eleven, Field Studies alone did not come on stage until just gone ten-thirty, and not for any delay between bands, the music was continuous and fascinating. But it’s definitely been a slightly disorienting night, the contrasting genres and music on display have created quite a jarring effect, though to be honest this keeps you positively focused for the rest of the night, remaining continuously attentive to what’s coming next. And once Field Studies have the stage, you’re pretty much in awe, they’re amazing, it sort of feels like watching a well established band take to the smallest stage they could find, and show us what all bands should be like; masterful, enthralling, and climactic. Highly recommended, one-to-watch, and worth every bit of the time spent listening to them.

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Danielle Kenneally

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