Artistic evolution and rigorous touring tends to turn even the most disjointed of bands into tight, disciplined formations that can intuitively bounce off one another; it applies here too. With the band lifespan now exceeding more than half a decade, alt-rock trio Yak have put in the hours for the success that they now have within their grasp. Supporting the likes of King Gizzard and Peace in conjunction with their own sold-out live shows have granted them a dedicated following who’s ranks swell by the day.

Touring in support of their 2nd LP, the paisley musing that is the ‘Pursuit of Momentary Happiness’, the band will soon find themselves in the cosmopolitan dwelling of Manchester’s Yes (9th April tickets), where it’s reasonably accommodating size and moderately kitsch decorum will no doubt act as a great backdrop for yet another of their spirited, vaunted live performances. The opportunity to see this promising act in a smaller venue will likely become harder to come by as the fruits of growing popularity lift them beyond the reach of accessibility.

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Angus Rolland

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