“I don’t think I’m a Goth, I like pastel shades too much…and GAP tops. I do like Depeche Mode though. Does that count?” These musings came from me, bored at work, before the Tune-Yards gig last Friday.

I love Tune-Yards. Their music is spiritual without being annoying and anthemic, without being cheesy. Judging by the video for ‘Heart Attack’, the third single off their new album, I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life, Tune-Yards aren’t Goths either, they had my back.

Imagine my surprise then when I arrive at the Albert Hall to see the stage drenched in black and lead singer, Merrill Garbus is wearing, well, all black. I also was surprised to see Tune Yards has only three band members: drummer and bass player and Merrill Garbus on ukulele. The show has the low key vibe of a solo-artist indie gig. As wonderful as Merrill is, I expected the focus to be less on her and more lights, more colour, more dancing and more pizzazz.

However, as the night wears on, it is hard not to feel uplifted – the songs are clearly well-known as they are sung at full pelt by the crowd that are well represented by infatuated women. Merrill Garbus seems genuinely touched by the crowd singing her lyrics in Manchester, which she describes as “a beautiful city”. In the surroundings of the Albert Hall, along with the willing crowd, it was easy to see why she thought this.

Luckily, there is an encore and she saves the best till last: ‘Heart-Attack’, a beautiful song, a homage to hope and positivity, which had my eyes closed and arms aloft. I didn’t lose my soul, my soul is saved and I’m not a Goth yet, phew.

Tune-Yards: Official | Facebook | Twitter

When people ask me what music I am in to, I find it very hard to give a definitive answer because, throughout my life I have been in to all kinds of different music from House to Heavy Metal depending on how old I was, what I was doing at the time and the kind of people I was hanging out with. So I can safely say I am open to most things as long as it’s good but obviously that is entirely subjective and open to interpretation, which I guess is what Silent Radio is all about. However, I would say that overall my alliances lie with Electronic Music because it covers so many genres and is constantly developing and changing. Having just returned from Sonar I felt a warm glow being surrounded by so many people who appreciate Electronic Music but there were times when I became a little jaded and questioned its integrity especially after seeing Katy B perform for the 3RD TIME! Will Katy B still be remembered in six years? I doubt it. But I guess that is the nature of Pop Music in particular; some stand the test of time, some don't. I think having grown up and lived in Manchester my musical tastes have been influenced by the club scene post- hacienda and the music at nights like Electric Chair which encompasses the sounds of House, Detroit Techno, Disco, Soul, Funk and Hip Hop. Basically anything with a groove, I like. But this is not confined to Dance Music I particularly like bands that are melodic and have a hook such as Wild Beasts, music that captures an emotion and has a heart. While at University I was also listening to music that didn’t really have much of a heart but more of a pacemaker in terms of the emotion it conveyed and that was Electro-Clash, a completely non- sensical and at times ridiculous genre that borrowed elements from House, Italio Disco and Techno and re- formed them in to one fun, but ridiculous package. While at University, I had my own radio Show where I tried to convey some of my musical tastes acquired from up north and had guest DJ's from a night in New Cross called Zombie Disco, with Jamie from Zombie Disco now working with Lindstrom. We also borrowed the services of Rina from Ladytron who had a guest DJ slot. Anyhow, I think it is safe to say I like a wide range of music apart from Katy B, sorry Katy.