A week in which the ethos is quality over quantity with many of these warranting a close listen.

Plantoid               Terrapath           

New Bella Union signing who harnesses multiple subgenres at once to concoct a sort of primordial soup, the molecules of which are built as much from progressive rock as they are jazz, fusion, folk, and even a bit of ‘70s hard rock for good measure.

The Last Dinner Party     Prelude To Ecstasy          

Debut album from the highly touted band.

J Mascis               What Do We Do Now    

The fifth solo album from the Dinosaur Jr legend is first that features full drum and electric leads, although the rhythm parts are still all acoustic.

Vera Sola             Peacemaker      

A record with influences that range from New World Symphony – Antonín Dvořák’s exploration of American history and landscapes – to the rattling percussion and distorted guitar of 80s era Tom Waits.

Panghalina         Lava      

A grouping of three of Australia’s emergent voices in the realms of improvisation, extended technique and unusual song form: Maria Moles, Bonnie Stewart and Helen Svoboda.

Luci        They Say They Love You

Great-niece of John Coltrane whose multifarious and electric sound blends genres from hip hop and R&B to psych-punk.

Dave Okumu & the Seven Generations I Came From Love (Live from the Roundhouse) 

Live version of their 2022 album recorded at the London Roundhouse.

Ashlynn Malia   Malia   

Ethereal pop that sets out to explore brutal anger and resentment, sensuality and sexuality, longing and lust in today’s dating climate.

The Reed Conservation Society                 La Société de Préservation du Roseau   

Duo emerging from the indie pop Francophone scene.

The Miserable Rich         Overcom            

Their fourth album sees indie-folk and chamber-pop sound with jazzy and electronic new inflections as they take on weighty songs that dwell on life and loss as well as reflections on Murphy’s Law and failed hot-air balloon rides.

Dylan John Thomas         Dylan John Thomas        

Indie folk artist inspired by Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkle, and Leonard Cohen.

KMFDM               Let’s Go               

Heavy beats and an onslaught of pulse-pounding rhythms, scorching electronics, blistering guitars, and vocals full of grit, growl, and grind addressing the social, political, and cultural ills of a world in perpetual turmoil.

The Thing            The Thing Is       

New York psych garage four-piece with a collection of fast, driving and unrelenting tunes.

Persefone           Lingua Ignota Part 1 EP 

Andorran extreme prog metal act displaying technical proficiency and modern progressive metal elements drenched in melodic death metal influences.

L Devine              Digital Heartifacts          

Pop that’s unafraid to dive into life’s more unsettling emotions, albeit with her characteristic flair for self-deprecating humour and sharp observations on real life experiences.

Loufr     Fears    

Polish musician whose music occupies a position between contemporary music, hyperpop, and deconstructed club sounds.