Whyte Horses


Francis Lung

Discomforted by the balcony’s design flaws, I watch the support wither through a set I can only describe as somewhat square. Lacking any discernible rhythm as they dispense with mundane topics about ‘being too real’ and feeling invisible (eyes remained open), the opener’s minimalist tone hinders rather than assists what this band is presumably trying to do. Using two synthesisers and a guitar can work but in this case it leaves the listener wanting as the ‘introspective’ aura rapidly induces boredom along with the vague hope that the headliners will at least be somewhat more interesting. P.S., I suppose it was a good thing they forgot their merchandise.

Whyte Horses

Unfortunately, the hope I had for improvement metaphorically fell out of a window as the headliners themselves are also somewhat beige. Despite having nine members, it appears they have failed to develop into something of interest as their songs bring about a déjà vu-type predicament which isn’t particularly riveting to watch/hear. The jester that periodically emerges is a puzzling element (part of the act?) I still can’t quite grasp, as if the show momentarily developed into a third rate pantomime you’d typically have found yourself dragged along to as a helpless child. I’d say the occasional popping of the balloons was probably more of interest than the entirety of the show, although most of the audience were older (even managed to clap along at one point) so perhaps I wasn’t tonight’s chosen demographic.

I’m not entirely sure where the high critical praise comes from as they come across as rather forgettable sonically speaking; even writing this piece feels fittingly exhausting. Having a large number of personnel affords them two singers as well as two drummers, but it’s moot as this does little to stem the weak premise of their sound. Even the way the instrumentalists are assigned to the background as the duo-vocalists posture up front creates a stagnant stage dynamic that only amplifies the issues this band has. They covered Cher’s ‘Bang Bang’ at one point, although the rendition wasn’t anything of note, much like the rest of their set. I wanted to leave but at the same time my journalistic obligation prevented me from doing so; going to a poorly run DIY store in search of an obscure brand of paint (i.e. not Dulux) would have been more fulfilling than sitting in this auditorium wondering when/if clemency would be granted.

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