The combination of food and a fresh perspective on Liverpool is what makes Courting so sophisticated and captivating. I saw Courting for the first time during an undoubtedly tragic acoustic session at a little restaurant named ‘Bundobust’ on Bold Street. That was a moment. Street food and a pint with some kind of monster bellowing on an acoustic guitar.

Admittedly, it did get better from there. Courting on the stage is what has brought my attention to review “New Last Name”, and I’ll be honest… I don’t care, I love it!

Highlight track of the album must go to ‘Throw’ love this song. Great music video as well, one that you can watch too (see below). Mayhem? and psychedelic vintage fashion glued together with transitions to band members haircuts seems ridiculous but hey someone’s got to do it well. I say mayhem with a question mark as it’s all over the place. I don’t want to call it indecisive either, but I wouldn’t be telling you the truth if I said it wasn’t. It’s like three different colours then onto the next again and again.

If these guys keep going up at the rate that they are, firstly enter any of Liverpool’s finest vintage fashion shop, find three different items with different colours then try your hardest to look like a gothic rainbow. Congrats you are now blending into a Courting music video.

Indie post punk perhaps? If that’s a thing? Someone should probably confirm that, but the sound of Courting is phenomenal, it makes me laugh too! As you just don’t expect the sound sphere of vocals you get. The lyricism is catchy, it’s woke, its weirdly wonderful but most importantly crowd attracting.

Based on that is “New Last Name” a reflective title? Quirky, woke and sure yeah weirdly wonderful (whatever that word means right?), I predict it may not align with prevailing cultural norms or mainstream social interests, making it harder to break into the mainstream.

Massive issue for the album right off the bat, right…? Like the best ideal for Courting is to expand their relevant and original sound in their discography so far and push it out beyond the Northwest of England.

I’m sick of a Hollywood top-down music business, check this one out losers.

I admire the themes that are broken down. For me, it was daft but intriguing hearing the funky aggressive tones in Courting from the previous “Guitar Music” with the track ‘Tennis’ going on about a pay pig’s perspective of life. No, you will have to google what that is. BUTTTTT, the similar control of the show and keeping it touch-in-cheek with fans has yet again. Fire it up, come along
And take a hit from the Courting’ bong. A new wave of party.

Exactly put, the songs that speak of the filth of the filth, gets the crowd grooving. The dopamine rush says it all. and when you look at and feel the output of Courting, you’ll dance forever.

Courting: New Last Name – Out 26th January 2024 (Lower Third)