Germany is renowned for having some of the best-known power metal bands. From Helloween to Powerwolf, there are some really well-established bands, to bands like Freedom Call who do not receive as much credit as they should. The band has over 10 studio albums and Silver Romance includes some of their most creative and original songs yet. The thing about this band is that they may be one of the more experimental power metal bands out there, and this album proves it.

Opening with a single, and title track, the band start off really strongly with a double bass assault right from the first second. With the first huge chorus on the album, one can immediately tell that this is going to be an album filled with epic and catchy melodies.

The second on this is “Symphony of Avalon” which is the first average song on the album. What really made me not to want to listen to this song more than once was the fact that the lyrics were very strange. The use of the band’s name in the chorus, and pair that with a very boring melody, this is possibly one of the only songs on this album which seems unlistenable.

Luckily, this hiccup is forgotten very easily though, as by the fourth song, the musicality on display is amazing, as the chorus is once again fantastic, and the rhythm in the verses and pre choruses seem vastly proggy.

Unfortunately, the song that comes directly after “Infinity” which has the task of introducing the synths, resembles a bland attempt at an 80s pop song.

Shortly after that, the sixth song on this album arrives. “In Quest of Love” is another single, this time, showing the listener that the band can use the synths correctly. The synth melody is easily memorable, and the song feels like a power metal song this time. What elevates this song, is the bridge. The same synth melody which is repeated throughout the song transitions into the guitar solo, and as a result, the solo feels that much more satisfying, and not to mention fantastic.

“Meteorite” is vocally the most impressive song on this album. Vocalist Chris Bay has been show-stopping on this album plenty of times, but this song is his best performance on this record. Even though some of the songs have had weird themes and melodies, this song is pure power metal, and pure Freedom Call.

Some of the songs on this album feel as if they were written for a musical. As the album approaches its end, it becomes slightly more noticeable. The last couple of songs do not fall into this problem, but the pace is slowed down for them. “High Above” is the final single in the track list and is once again extremely catchy but as a result of the slower pace, feels grander than some of the other songs on this mostly fast paced album. “Metal Generation” is the album closer. This song has the same problem as “Symphony of Avalon” as in it uses the band name repetitively. This song feels more concise, and the parts are far more suited towards each other than the previously mentioned song. The ending is spectacular. This fadeout includes the band stripping away the drums and guitars, to the point of only being able to hear the powerful vocals and a church organ which throughout their career they use plenty of.

Overall, this album is very inconsistent. There are some ideas that work better than others, and Freedom Call have proven themselves with this album to be more than capable of writing some fantastic fast paced power metal. Some of the songs sound as if they were written for musicals, and do not fit the power metal subgenre, and that is why parts of this album do not work. Besides that, there is something for everyone on this album. From pop tunes to musical numbers to power metal songs which would please every metalhead on this planet, this album has it all. Freedom Call believe that metal is for everyone, and with an album like this, they have proven themselves to be correct. That is why this is a must listen for not only seasoned metalheads, but people who want to discover a new artist, because based on this album, metal truly is for everyone.

Freedom Call: Silver Romance – Out 10th May 2024 (SPV/Steamhammer)

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