Silent Radio presents this week’s tantalising selection of new releases.

Beth Gibbons                 Lives Outgrown             

Portishead singer’s debut solo album reflects on farewells to family, to friends, even to her former self. These are songs from the mid-course of life, when looking ahead no longer yields what it used to, and looking back has a sudden, sharper focus.

Lip Critic            Hex Dealer      

A singular mixture of classic punk/hardcore and electronic styles results in 12 tracks of postmodern pop for a genreless future.

Isobel Campbell           Bow To Love    

Former Belle and Sebastian member with a soft-spun yet sharp-edged set of reflections on modern crises that doesn’t stop at diagnosing the problems: it goes further to ask how we might progress from our tense, conflicted times.

The Lovely Eggs             Eggsistentialism          

Recorded at home in Lancaster by David and Holly with production work by Dave Fridmann, it is about loss and strength. On this album you’ll hear us at our lowest and most vulnerable.

Laura J Martin                 Prepared           

A fusion of folk, electronic, and experimental pop music that defies expectations and challenges the boundaries of contemporary music from a performer who interweaves layers of vocals, flute, mandolin and electronics.

Barry Adamson              Cut To Black   

The album journeys through rambunctious odes, mixes elements of soul, R&B, hip hop and funk with AI and takes in Manhattan disco. Adamson examines various lives cut short, explores notions of race, and invites us to reflect on how much society has really changed since the original Civil Rights movement of the mid-20th-century.

Blancmange    Everything is Connected (The Best of Blancmange 1979 – 2024)

38 career-spanning tracks on which they merged synth-pop with oblique lyrics, wry British humour and occasionally tabla-tinged sonics.

Sananda Maitreya        The Pegasus Project: Pegasus and the Swan               

Part three of his album series mix is amix of heady psychedelia, progressive rock, satirical pop, R&B, orchestral, electronic, and spoken word.

The Avett Brothers       The Avett Brothers      

Band with 5 Americana awards, produced by Rick Rubin, offer a “collection of songs seen through a lens of independent and studied spirituality; questions and considerations in the interest of the divine unknowable.”

Lulu.     Dear Disorientated Soul EP

Eight track release from a British & Nigerian Afro-Soul Singer/Songwriter from Southeast London blending Afrobeats and Soul to create her own sound.

Pentu   And I Saw My Devil And I Saw My Deep Blue Sea       

The London-based producer channels overstimulation and internal turmoil into a collage of productions where YouTube samples intertwine with metal passages, where hints of trance and post-orchestral passages sit side by side.

Mary In the Junkyard  This Old House EP       

Band who have become known for their series of appearance at Brixton’s Windmill.

System Olympia            Sanctified EP 

On the lead track she is joined by Working Men’s Club for a sound defined by lush pads, dreamy synths, gritty drums and earworm melodies.

Mutes  buried where you stand

Birmingham post-punk noise rockers.

Irked    Irked EP             

Newcastle DIY punk group with a debut EP “all about the frustrations and irritations of striking the work/life balance, and navigating disingenuous people, people-pleasing, and unwanted attention.”

Shaznay Lewis               Pages  

First solo album in 20 years from the All Saints founder which combines psychedelic soul, cinematic strings and sophisticated R&B.

Blitzen Trapper              100’s of 1,000’s Millions of Billions    

Portland band delve into their psych rock-washed, classic songwriting roots.

Worldcub         Back to the Beginning

A collection of tracks containing sharp hooks, joyous West Coast pleasure trips and contemplative stop-offs along the way.

Guster                 Ooh La La         

On their ninth studio album, Guster has carved out a lush and expansive sound rich in acoustic guitars and graceful piano work.

Lovelorn Dolls                 Deadtime Stories        

Belgium-based female-fronted dark goth metal pop duo.

J Bernardt          Contigo             

A classically-trained violinist, Deprez has scored all the orchestrations for Contigo. He’s something of a generalist; singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, arranger, producer, engineer, programmer.

Alana York        Destroyer         

An otherworld where snapshots of Yorke’s psychic landscape are fanned out against a layered musical backdrop coloured by a 21-piece string orchestra, the ultraviolet cool of ’80s synth-pop, the austere grace and rhythmic cadences of minimalist contemporary composers.

Freedom            Stay Free           

Band deeply rooted in the working-class rock of the 70’s and 80’s with meaningful lyrics, power chords and mighty choruses,

Crumb                 Amama              

Band existing at the crossroads of psychedelia, pop, jazz, and rock.

Slate                    Deathless EP  

Recorded in one take, the narrative of its six tracks takes place within a single room – or, perhaps, one mind. It begins with what the band feel is some of the darkest material they will ever write, to reaching, in its second half, a place of transformation and epiphany.

Squrl    Music For Man Ray      

Jim Jarmusch and Carter Logan (founding members of SQÜRL) return with a sonic exploration of the cinematic works of Dadaist pioneer Man Ray, a captivating project that melds music and film.

Cognitive          Abhorrence    

Technical death metal troupe with brutal riffs and thoughtful lyrics.

The Anti-Queens           Disenchanted

A fiercely female, punked-up rock ‘n’ roll quartet known for their relentless touring, explosive live shows and anthemic songcraft.

Lightheaded    Combustible Gems   

Pop band that combines the youthful urgency of Comet Gain, the wide-eyed nostalgia of early Orange Juice, the suss and anti-macho swagger of those early Pastels singles.

Terre Roche     Inner Adult      

Singer-songwriter Terre Roche of the legendary NYC sibling folk trio, The Roches has announced the release of INNER ADULT, a collection of brand-new songs.

Of Montreal      Lady On The Cusp       

The new 10 song suite bends gender and genre through complicated, ever delightful and often woe fuelling kinetic tunes of radical incandescence.

I Hate My Village           Nevermind the Tempo              

Italian indie-supergroup.

Johnny Moped                 Quonk

Latest album from punk icon celebrating 50 years of making a racket

Elvellon              Ascending in Synergy

German band that manages to balance the tightrope act between diving into the early beginnings of symphonic metal yet splicing all songs with a contemporary vibe.

One Step Closer            All You Embrace           

An anthemic blend of hardcore, emo, and ’90s alternative.

Alessandro “Asso” Stefana     Alessandro “Asso” Stefana    

PJ Harvey collaborator with a combination of solo guitar, ambience and extracts from the Smithsonian Folkways archive.

Mansfield          For All The Right Reasons      

Energetic rock‘n’roll sounding both gritty and pop infused with heartfelt vocals, anthemic choruses, distorted guitars and groovy rhythm sections