Night & Day Cafe

Below is a message from The Night & Day Cafe venue, who are in danger of no longer being able to put on gigs. This is just sheer stupidness from Manchester Council…

We are extremely upset and distressed by the notice as we believe we are a key part of Manchester and have been for 23 years!

This one resident has lived here for less than 1 year and his threat could end an independent run business which has been a firm staple in the Manchester arts scene for over two decades. This will bring to an end the employment of everyone who works here, not to mention, destroy one of the major hubs for live music, for both local and international musicians.

We have worked tirelessly making the venue as sound proof as possible whilst spending thousands of none funded money to making sure the venue is extremely environmentally friendly.

We have tried to speak to the resident to try and explain the nature of our business and we thoroughly understand noise can be annoying to any ordinary person but why would you chose to move next door to a live music venue if noise is going to be an issue?

Please do not let this one complaint ruin what has been a great benefit to the people and city of Manchester!

Thank You

Night and Day staff”

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