LIVE: YANN TIERSEN – 24/09/2014

Yann Tierson – MANCHESTER CATHEDRAL, MANCHESTER – Yann Tiersen must have taken quite a fancy to Manchester Cathedral. 3 years after his Dust Lane tour, he has returned to the enchanting venue that befits him so perfectly. His latest album Infinity, has been labelled an experimental ‘mini masterpiece’ and whilst at first listen it may seem sporadic and jumbled, the Cathedral setting translates it in a way that no home stereo... Read More

Album Review: Yann Tiersen – Skyline

Skyline is Yann Tiersen’s seventh album, so perhaps it’s uncharitable to kick off by saying he is still best remembered – especially on this side of La Manche – for his score of the movie Amelie. But Christ on a bike, what a soundtrack that was – one of the few soundtracks I have actually purchased on CD. Tiersen’s gorgeous music undeniably added to the overall beauty of the film, and no doubt is part of the reason I fell in... Read More